Wednesday, November 20, 2013

But Wait, There's More!

"While playing golf today I hit two good balls. I stepped on a rake."  ~Henny Youngman

     Greetings and welcome to GET SOME Golf! In this post, I'm talking about the positives and negatives of golfing magazines and articles on golf. I feel this is something that is rarely discussed so bear with me on some beliefs that I have about the magazines and the periodicals.

     There are a number of golfing magazines out in today's world: Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, and GolfWeek just to name a few. All of these magazines have great intentions and promote golf in a great way to professionals, amateurs, and "hackers" alike. Each of these sample magazines start out with a guide to what is inside along with probably a dozen ads promoting a product that interests golfers: such include beers, wines, cigars/cigarettes, and even erectile dysfunction treatments (Cialis, Viagra, etc.). As you flip through the pages, searching for an interesting article that could possibly help your game, there is even more advertisements promoting similar things; by the time you reach the article, you have viewed roughly twenty ads.

     If I may ask, why does it seem that golfing magazines have more advertisements than about golf itself? I think it is called a golf magazine for a reason. I understand that businesses need to promote a product some way, but why so many times? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading golf magazines, they have some very helpful tips and tricks to try to improve anyone's game and anytime I need to research a club or have questions about clubs, I look in golf magazines first. However, sometimes more pages can be a nuisance than a beneficial help.

     Another interesting topic is trying to cancel a subscription to a golf magazine. Have you ever been in a situation where you really liked one magazine over another and couldn't afford both magazines or wanted to just keep the subscription of one? Well, I can honestly say that my family has in the past.

     As a family, we enjoyed Golf Magazine (a monthly magazine) for several years, however when more and more advertisements appeared in the magazine and less golf material was published, we decided to go to GolfWeek. GolfWeek is a weekly magazine that tell about the current events that happened that previous week or the upcoming week alike. After letting Golf Magazine know we were going to drop them, we continued to get mail from them even after the subscription had expired. My family continued to read GolfWeek for a few years when we ran along Golf Digest and enjoyed it, so we decided to drop GolfWeek and switch to Golf Digest. Then it was war...

    After we dropped GolfWeek, we received calls constantly from them about how we need to renew the subscription. After three calls per week, getting mail from them, and telling them that we wanted to be on their no call list, we decided to take action. My family decided that the next time they called, we would "tell them like it is." Now, we are only getting Golf Digest monthly magazine and have no mail coming to us from Golf Magazine or GolfWeek. I think it is amazing what companies will do to gain profit from anyone. Nothing against any of these magazines, but I can relate to them better than any other golf magazine published. I highly enjoy reading golf magazines and recommend that people subscribe, but watch and be careful of what you get yourself into when subscribing.

     Thanks for reading "GET SOME Golf!" Please pass this along to your playing partners!

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