Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just Tap It In: Part 2

"If you are caught on a golf course and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron.  Not even God can hit a 1-iron."  ~Lee Trevino

     Hello again to this post finishing the fall golf tournaments for my inaugural and Muskingum University's collegiate season.  So far, I have mentioned about two of the previous tournaments and will be discussing the last two today.

     After the last tournament, Coach Kirby decided to have a qualifier for those who did not shoot "the magic number: a two day total of 160."  Sadly to say in those two days, I shot a 161 so I had to play in the one day, 18 hole qualifier for two spots on the varsity team at this upcoming tournament.  At the qualifier I shot an 82 and a playing partner shot a 69 and someone else beat me out by shooting an 80; so I did not go to this tournament but I did have several teammates and even a good high school buddy of mine play in the tournament and they informed me how conditions played.  The first day of the Kenyon College Invitational hosted by Kenyon College was played at Apple Valley Golf Course outside of Mount Vernon, Ohio.  According to my teammates and my high school teammate, Apple Valley was a very nice public course and several low scores were shot there.  It is a par 72 and is 6,946 yards from the tips.  (For more information about the course, please visit:  

     The second day of the tournament was held at Mount Vernon Country Club in Mount Vernon, Ohio; this beautiful course is a par 72 and is 6,493 yards from the tips.  According to my teammates, this course was tough in previous years and by the sound and looks of things, it still held true to that statement.  The thing that they discussed the most was about the greens at Mount Vernon CC; they mentioned about how it is like "putting on concrete, yet soft."  Personally, I like a challenge so I would have enjoyed playing that course if I had made the qualifier.  (If anyone would want any more information about this course, please visit:  Muskingum University finished 5th out of 8 teams with a 649 team score; my high school teammate's team beat us with a 631 and they placed 4th.  So needless to say, he and I are competitive and I won't hear the end of this for a while...

     Muskingum's final fall collegiate tournament was an interesting one; after five years of deliberation, Coach Kirby was able to work in this tournament to be like a Ryder Cup style tournament.  Muskingum University competed against Heidelberg University in an overall match play event.  On the first day, the team was split up into several groups, half of the team would play alternate shot (or four ball) and the other half would play best ball (or foursomes).  On the second day, twelve of the team members from each college would go head to head in match play.  Everyone on the team was able to play in the tournament and everyone's score helped out in the total.  Muskingum University overall came away with the win against Heidelberg University 14.5 points to 2.5 points; this gave Muskingum the inaugural River Greens Collegiate Cup.  It was a nice feeling on my part because I won both of my matches both days to help with the win.

     So now I have a question for any golfer out there.  Do you have any memorable tournament memories or just something funny that happened on the golf course?  Feel free to tell me under the comments, not only will it entertain me of your golfing experience, but it might help someone else too losing that desire to play...

     Thanks for reading "GET SOME Golf!"  Please pass this along to your playing partners!

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