Monday, September 30, 2013

Tee Time

"You have to GET SOME; you need to Go Every Time, So Others May Every-time..."
-from "Division III: Football's Finest"

     Hello all you happy people, my name is Erik Allbright; I am the author of GET SOME Golf.  If you are like most people (including myself), you are probably wondering "Why is this called GET SOME Golf?  That does not make any since..." Well to be honest, I first heard this quote when I was playing golf for Muskingum University, which inspired me to name this blog after that quote.  It still might not make any since but if you are in my shoes, it probably would!  The golf team considers "Get Some" as one of the many fun quotes that we use on road trips to matches and during practice.  It is almost an indirect way of telling us to step up our golf game.

     I'm personally not the kind of person that constantly loves the attention, so here is a mini biography of me.  I was born in Point Pleasant, West Virginia to two wonderful parents. At a young age (or what I consider young) of 10, I started to play golf and by the next year I was playing competitively.  At these tournaments, I was constantly winning trophies so when I was 13 years old, I started to play summer tournaments across the state of West Virginia in the "Top Flite Junior Tour" headed in Parkersburg, West Virginia (it is now called the Callaway Junior Tour).  The next year I played in the West Virginia Junior Amateur and placed Tied for 6th out of 20+ golfers my age.  I continued to play well through those years until it came time for me to graduate high school and eventually play collegiate golf.  Now I am a freshman at Muskingum University and I am playing varsity for the golf team there.

      As part of this blog, I wanted a way for golfers and fans alike to leave comments about topics related to "getting some golf." For this post, the topic is pretty simple and basic: are more and more people picking up golf as a sport throughout the world?  Personally I feel that people are picking up a golf club now because of the media, the past and present professional golfers, and the game itself.  The First Tee has really impacted this through ads promoting positive attributes to the game: respect, character, responsibility, sportsmanship, etc.  So what do you think?

     Thanks for reading "GET SOME Golf!"  Please pass this along to your playing partners!

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